Wednesday, May 9, 2012

RaveWaves Update 5/9/12 at 11:20am

With spring here officially, RaveWaves crew is operating in full swing. New for 2012 is we have two divisions of RaveWaves includes our Fox Lake division managed by Danny Gossage and Great Lakes Managed by Brandon Schwab with assistant manager of Jeffrey Manrique (welcome Jeff by emailing him Our shop in Fox Lake has been a work in progress over the past month including painting (in/out), new lights, fixing/cleaning bathrooms, making a temporary office, new shelves, new equipment and new employees. Stay tuned for great opening in which Danny Gossage (GM/RW Cooking Extraordinair) will be cooking some good food (not just hot dogs).. Know anybody with either a Chain boat or Great Lake boat can help them. Reach Danny at or Brandon at Our main scheduling number is 847-629-5106. Have a great day and boating season!

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