Thursday, May 10, 2012


Finally a nice sunny day! Seems like over the last week or so the rain would stop in and visit us daily. WOW, today was a productive day for RaveWaves on three fronts. Today I took Ruben and Pedro and we detailed cars in Barrington all day by completing 6 express details (which Vanessa will add pictures soon of these cars) and 1 complete detail on a E350 Black Mercedes Benz. Cars came out great and even today I dusted off the old buffer and buffed a few cars today. Been a while as my role has changed to marketing and business management with my trustee side kick Danny Gossage which manages our Fox Lake division of RaveWaves. Our new assistant manager Jeff detailed a deck on a 44' Carver on the Great Lakes while he completed a handful of projects, he also managed to break a 3 day phone which is already back at Best Buy being replaced asap! Finally for the Day, Danny Gossage and Blake are heading out to wash vehicles for Fedex and make sure the McHenry county Fedex trucks and cleaner than the UPS trucks! Although just on Sunday we also helped the USPS make sure their fleet is clean not only on the outside (with tire dressing upgrade) but also the inside nice and clean with Pinesol. That's it for today. I am committing to write at least post every other day on here, my assistant Vanessa will be inserting pictures and videos that are collected as we go throughout the season. Hopefully you enjoy the new posts and please comment on these with questions or suggestions. LATER TODAY PICKING UP THE BOAT FROM STORAGE.

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